After the shockingly great Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, it’s well-received follow-up Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, and even Fox McCloud’s inclusion in Starlink: Battle for Atlas, many people were left wondering if Ubisoft and Nintendo have other projects up their sleeve.

During a live Q&A session with Ubisoft Co-Founder, Yves Guillemot, where Guillemot responded to a question about why Ubisoft’s relationship with Nintendo is as strong as it is, and whether such collaborations will continue. In his response, Guillemot stated:

“It is very strong because we have done many things together in the past. The Nintendo brands and their capacity to create fantastic games is really something that our creators in Ubisoft love, and when they can collaborate with Nintendo they are extremely happy to do so. So , yes it will continue, and I hope we will be able to surprise you with new things in the future.”

It’s reassuring to hear how much of an impact Nintendo has on Ubisoft, and it’s great to hear they have some new collaborations up their sleeve. If it’s anything like the quality seen in their most recent collabs, consider myself excited to see what’s next.

For the complete Q&A session, check out the video below, or begin at the question above here (3:14 in the video below):


What do you think of this announcement? What sort of Ubisoft/Nintendo collaborations are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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