After nearly 6 years of remasters and re-releases, the next entry in the Darksiders series is finally around the corner.

Darksiders III will mark the first entry in the series from THQ Nordic, who acquired the Darksiders license after Vigil Games closed down. Luckily, THQ Nordic is primarily composed of developers who worked on the original Darksiders games so it will be interesting to see if the new one holds up.

Check out IGN First’s Official Reveal Trailer for the game below:

For the many collectors out there, three versions of the game will be released: Standard Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Apocalypse Edition.


Collector’s Edition:

The Darksiders III Collector’s Edition will come in a Premium Box containing the game itself, a 10 inch tall Fury 25CM figure, the Official Soundtrack, an Artbook, and a Steelbook to place all these contents in. See all of these items in the video below:


Apocalypse Edition:

The Darksiders III Apocalypse Edition will come with “4 high quality figurines.” All of these are 25CM – 10 inches and includes figures for Death, War, Vulgrim, and Fury. in addition, this addition also comes with a Horseman Logo Amulett, a Wall Scroll, a Steelbook, Artbook, the Official Soundtrack, along with the game itself. You can view a trailer for this edition below:


I’ve played a bit of the second Darksiders years ago. I remember having a blast with the gameplay, so I’ll be excited if this latest entry has the same sort of appeal. What do you think of the latest news? Are you excited for this latest entry in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Game Informer

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