Hollow Knight just released on Nintendo Switch earlier this month, and the developers at Team Cherry are already preparing owners for the final free DLC pack to drop on August 23rd.

As stated in a recent blog post, Gods & Glory will have players discovering a “…whole bunch of new bosses. A slew of new music. New NPCs. New Quests.” The final DLC pack is loaded with content, and just another reason to jump back into this amazing game.

Check out the Release Date Trailer Below:


Hollow Knight is a true labor of love by the folks at Team Cherry, and the passion really shines through. I’m happy to see they’ve been able to expand on their project for so long, and it will be interesting to see how the latest DLC wraps up the game. Did you get to play Hollow Knight yet? If not, you can check out the opening areas from my own blind playthrough, and share your thoughts in the comments below:


Source: Team Cherry Official Blog via Game Informer

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