The Gaming Chicken is back, and we’re excited to start bringing you more content once again!

During the last few weeks, you may have noticed an absence in activity across this site, and now that we’re back, I just wanted to provide some peace of mind that this community is not going anywhere. A few weeks ago, we flew out of town to visit with family and friends, catching up on some important areas in our lives, and taking a chance to remember the importance of slowing down. We had family hitting new milestones, friends getting married, and new beginnings in life happening all around.

This time away from the ongoing bombardment of work, news and media was a wonderful chance for me to get some meaningful introspection. With the many life events going on, it was a nice reminder to see how beautiful and exciting the world around us can be, and the importance of allowing yourself the time to slow down and take it in. As a person who is always working towards the next big thing in life, this trip was a nice reminder of the importance to slow down and appreciate the progress and accomplishments you’ve made.

I appreciate your patience while I was away from The Gaming Chicken, and I have been excited to get back into the groove of things. In reflecting on my own life, one aspect that will always be prominent are video games. They have been a wonderful tool, not only to keep me engaged mentally and physically, but they’ve always been a wonderful outlet for me to relieve my stress, no matter how difficult life can get at times. Video games are more than just an entertaining aside for me, but something that really has impacted my life in a positive way.

As I return here to bring you video game news, I also look towards the future to expand on the content The Gaming Chicken has to offer. You, fellow readers, are the reason I put time into this hobby project, and you make this worthwhile. So, thank you readers. I give you my sincere gratitude, and I hope you’ll continue to join us on this journey here at The Gaming Chicken.


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