Square Enix announced a special sale for Chrono Trigger running until August 27th. During the sale, fans will be able to get Chrono Trigger 50% off on Steam, and 30% off on Mobile platforms. Additionally, people can download desktop wallpapers and game avatars for free over at the official Chrono Trigger website.

The news comes in the wake of Square Enix releasing its fifth and final major content patch on Steam. These final additions include the following:

  • New Key Binding Functions: Key binding functionality for game pad, keyboard and mouse controls has been implemented to improve the game controls for all players.

  • New ‘Extras’ Section: After completing the game, a new option on the main menu will be unlocked with the following sections: Movies (view all movie scenes from the game), Illustrations (view various illustrations from CHRONO TRIGGER), Sound (listen to the background music from the game) and Endings (view any of the unlocked endings).

  • Adjustments to Various Features: Changes to the item selection window, default movement settings, menus when entering names, the font for Simplified Chinese users and more have been implemented.

  • Additional changes have also been made to fix issues for PCs using specific graphics cards and screen sizes, as well as fixing other minor bugs.

Many players were originally turned off by the poor Steam port Square Enix released, so it’s great to see them taking the necessary steps to release a product faithful to the fans. I must admit, I have never played Chrono Trigger, even back in my Super Nintendo days, but this certainly seems like a great time to give it a go, or at least add it to my backlog.

Have you played Chrono Trigger before? Are you going to pickup the game on sale? Let us know in the comments below!


UI Update Screenshots:


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