Psyonix has been hard at work on a revamped progression system for Rocket League that “retools in-game XP,” adds new ways to play with friends, and provides new ways of stocking up on items. In a recent press release, Psyonix announced the new system will go live in Rocket League on August 29th across all platforms.

According to Psyonix, the Progression Update content includes:

  • New Level Progression – An entirely-new system that removes the current level cap and and flattens the amount of XP needed for leveling up. For a more in-depth look, click HERE

  • Clubs System – Players will be able to create and manage clubs that can have up to 20 members. More information about the Clubs System will be revealed on the blog in the next few days.

  • New Achievements and Trophies

  • Various Quality of Life Changes


To add even more goodness to the latest update, one week after the Progression Update goes live, Psyonix will add the new Rocket Pass system as well. The Rocket Pass is a “new time-limited item unlock system that also ties into the new Progression setup.”

As someone who hasn’t played Rocket League in too long, it definitely seems like the perfect jumping in point for me. What do you think of the new Progression Update? Are you as intrigued by the Rocket Pass as I am? Let us know in the comments below!


Progression Updates Screenshots:


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