Super Smash Bros Ultimate is inching ever closer to launch, and Nintendo continues to drip feed their audience with new videos to drool over. Following the announcement of King K Rool, Dark Samus, Crom, Simon, and Richter, Nintendo is now showcasing gameplay video with the new fighters.

The first video showcased was a fight between Snake and King K. Rool. Snake appears to adopt much of his moveset back from his time in Super Smash Bros Brawl, such as his grenades and guided missiles. King K Rool on the other hand has a full set of brand new moves based on his many appearances in the Donkey Kong series. Some stand out moves include his reflective belly, and his cannon which also sucks players and items in as well.


The next video showcased a 2 v 2 battle with Chrom and Lucina against Dark Samus and Ridley. We’ve seen some Ridley gameplay back from E3, but it’s certainly great seeing Samus’ Echo fighter in the fray. As anticipated, her moves are similar to Samus proper, but with some minor tweaks that seem to make her move with a bit more fluidity.  Check out the action below:


One thing that stands out to me with these videos is how much quicker of a pace it is. Though the speed is old news, I certainly am surprised by how quick even the heavy-hitters are. What do you think of the latest gameplay trailers? Are these getting you as psyched for the Ultimate Smash Bros experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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