Last week’s 2.0 Patch laid the groundwork for the major changes Forsaken is bringing to Destiny 2. This week’s opens the floodgates to Bungie’s latest expansion, and Forsaken is now live. Forsaken is now live across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Though appears to be a minor update on paper, players may be surprised to learn this update alone takes up more than 7 GB of space. Similar to the first Destiny’s The Taken King expansion, Forsaken is expected to bring that level of change to the world of Destiny 2. This includes new modes, story missions, Strikes, Raids, and more. In fact, players logging into Destiny 2 Forsaken may find more similarities to the first game.

One example of this is detailed in Bungie’s complete patch notes, indicating random perks will once again be added to the game. This was removed since the original Destiny, but this change is welcomed by many around the community, as it incentivizes players to store duplicate weapons as these random perks may provide different strategic opportunities.

We’ve added a brief portion of the patch notes below, but head on over to Bungie’s website for more information:

The Season of the Outlaw has begun.

Player Character


  • Raised character level cap to 50 for Forsaken owners



  • Year 1 Sony exclusive Exotic and legendary rewards are now available for all platforms

Exotic Weapons

  • Riskrunner
    • Increased inventory size
  • Whisper of the Worm
    • Replaced Armor Piercing Rounds with Accurized Rounds to prevent accidental perk failures for White Nail


  • Year 2 weapons now provide random perks when acquired
  • Year 2 Masterwork weapons have revamped system
    • Allows players to reach +10 bonus stats
  • Year 2 mods are now available
    • Can be acquired by dismantling Year 2 weapons
    • Can be purchased from the Gunsmith
    • Year 1 weapons no longer accept modifications


  • Increased the blast radius penalty for Concussion and Blinding Grenades from single shot grenade launchers


  • Hunters
    • Golden Gun
    • Increased Golden Gun damage against base and elite enemies
  • Titan
    • Magnetic Grenades
    • Grenades should now detonate a second time even if the initial detonation kills the target



What do you think of the latest expansion? I’ll certainly be hopping back into Destiny 2, but will you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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