Moonfall is an an action RPG inspired by the classic side-scrolling beat-’em-up game Golden Axe. Now, requested by popular demand, the original Moonfall is receiving new content, along with support for current-gen consoles. All of this will be released in a single packaged titled Moonfall Ultimate.

For those who never played the original Moonfall, players travel through an industrial gothic universe, where players hack, slash, and cast their way through dangerous hand-painted worlds. Players will be able to choose their class, upgrade gear to open new paths, and explore with a focus on strategic real-time combat.

Additions in the Moonfall Ultimate edition can expect everything from the original, along with the following new additions:

  • Endless Arcade mode
  • 2-player local multiplayer (Campaign & Endless Arcade Mode)
  • Cinematic story intro
  • Full controller support
  • Interface optimization
  • Combat tweaks



What do you think of this new release? As someone who’s dabbled in Dark Souls’ atmosphere, this game certainly has the sort of gothic charm I can appreciate, especially in hand-painted environments. Is this a game you would be interested in trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

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