In a surprise reveal at PAX West 2018, Team Meat, the developers of the acclaimed indie title, Meat Boy, debuted their first ever Collectible Card Game (CCG), Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush.

According to Team Meat, Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is a fast-paced, one-versus-one game featuring cards for all your favorite Meat Boy characters, including Bandage Girl, Dr. Fetus, Meat Boy, and other completely new characters.

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush premiered at PAX West where Team Meat displayed a demo area for players to lean the game, along with full decks available to purchase for $10. Team Meat also provided PAX attendees a free limited edition card as a token of gratitude.

When discussing the idea of a Super Meat Boy card game, Team Meat co-founder and director Tommy Refenes shared that, when “Kyle was over at my house for my birthday and we jokingly said ‘We should do a Meat boy CCG for PAX,’ It was a good laugh until we whipped out the index cards and actually built a Meat Boy CCG. Happy Birthday to us all!”

Lead designer Kyle Pulver continued on to say “There’s a special place in our hearts for CCGs, so it’s been an absolute RUSH to put the Meat Boy Cinematic Universe into a card game. Rival Rush is our chance to really put Meat Boy in your hands without getting blood everywhere.”

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is available online at The Yetee for $10, and additional information can be found at

What do you think of the latest card game featuring Meat Boy? I am certainly a sucker for new tabletop games, and this one certainly appears to have the right recipe to have a good time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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