Initially released on Nintendo eShop earlier this year in February, PM Studios, CIRCLE Ent. and acttil have recently announced their tactical RPG Mercenaries Saga Chronicles will receive a physical release for Nintendo Switch.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles contains all three Mercenaries Saga games all in a single package. These games were originally released on Nintendo 3DS and mobile, but the package on Nintendo Switch is the only way to play all three of these games together on home consoles.

As stated in a recent press release about the Mercenaries Saga series, “your decisions and mid-battle strategic choices will determine the fate of your squad of warriors.” The game takes on a standard tactics-style gameplay akin to Fire Emblem, where players will ensure their characters are prepared to take on the enemies. Battles play out in a grid-based system similar to Fire Emblem where players’ are required to keep track of classes, weapons, and items to ensure their fighters have the upper-hand.

Key features of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles include:

Key Features

▪ Your Fate in Your Hands! – A massive campaign featuring over chapters will keep you busy for hours! But play smart – your decisions will guide story routes and endings!

▪ Strength through Battle! – Success in battle allows you to upgrade your team and equipment. Master the battlefield to master the game!

▪ Mana Is the Key! – You’ll slowly accrue Mana throughout each battle, which will allow you to unleash devastating attacks!

▪ Get Your SRPG Fix! – 3 games in one package aren’t enough? Clear the game once to unlock more difficulty levels for limitless challenging gameplay!



Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is available now on Nintendo Switch’s eShop, and the physical version will be out everywhere on September 11th.

I’m happy to see an increasing amount of indie games receiving physical copies. This appears to be a growing trend for successful indie performers, and I certainly welcome more of this. What do you think of these download games receiving physical versions? What about Mercenaries Saga Chronicles specifically? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Love seeing all these indie titles getting physical releases, really makes going into a retail store a lot more interesting (disregarding the price-hike). Might have to check this one out!

    • I could not agree with you more! Until recently, the Nintendo section at retailers always seemed to be so much slimmer compared to the rest. More great additions like these are sure to flesh it out!

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