[This Post Originally Appeared On 09/16. Due to an earthquake in Japan, the Nintendo Direct was delayed. The announcement was just released last night, and the article below has been updated with the new information.]

Get ready everyone, Nintendo’s first fall Direct is upon us! At 3:00pm PT, Nintendo will hold a 35 minute livestream focusing on the great upcoming titles for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. We’ve embedded the livestream below for your viewing pleasure.

No one is certain what else Nintendo will be showcasing during the event, but it’s safe to assume it will focus on upcoming titles with launch dates within the next couple months. We’re speculating some of the following showcases:

Nintendo Switch Online: Since the Switch released, Nintendo has been quiet about their online service. Would it finally let us do cloud saves? (Yes, kind of.) Will it be required for all games? (Not necessarily.) No one knows a whole lot about this, but Nintendo recently tweeted it’s launch is soon, so we can expect to hear more. We’ve embedded Nintendo’s original tweet for reference

Luigi’s Mansion: For those who missed out on the great Gamecube title, they’ll get to try it out in this remaster for 3DS. The game is slated for October 12th.

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! And Eevee!: There has been a steady stream of information since the game was announced back in May. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo planned to showcase more cuteness from the game prior as a lead-up to its November 16th launch date.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate: Though it’s not centered on Super Smash Bros like their E3 direct, we do hope Nintendo plans to reveal new aspects of the game. Whether it’s a new character or information about the rumored ‘Spirit Mode,’ fans will appreciate anything they can sink their teeth into. SSBU releases December 7th.

Super Mario Party: Nintendo has been making a great effort to showcase some of the unique features within their upcoming Super Mario Party game. From what we’ve seen so far, this almost seems like the soft reboot the series needs, which releases October 5th.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses: After a wonderful trailer back during E3, we are hoping Nintendo will tease out a bit more information on how the game actually plays. The game doesn’t come out until 2019 though, so realistically, Nintendo may hold off on this one for now.

Other Miscellaneous: Though most of the above items seem likely, we are certainly expecting more unexpected Nintendo during this direct. They are known to leave their big surprises until this end, so we are hoping something like Animal Crossing on Switch will be teased, or maybe another Wii U port? Other additions to the stream could include new weapons and stages for Splatoon 2, new Nindie titles, or anything else, we really don’t know what to expect!

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Direct? Let us know in the comments, and if you’re watching right here with us, feel free to join in on the discussion right here below!

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