Late last week, Gamera Interactive officially announced they will be a part of a two game co-production agreement with CINIC Games. The agreement will last over the next two years.

The first game from the two production companies is Stuck in a Pig, which was presented to press and partners at GamesCom 2018 behind closed doors. Information about target platforms, release dates, and in-game features are not known at this time, but according to the official press release, this information “will be available soon.”

According to Gamera Interactive, “Stuck in a Pig is an amazing adventure full of puzzles and platforming elements, taking inspiration from the most famous classics. The game combines a flabbergasting hand painted art style and a very strong narrative component, hiding serious themes behind a lighthearted look.” No announcements have been made about the second game yet.

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What do you think of the latest announcement? Are you curious what it’s like to be Stuck in a Pig? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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