In the wake of a huge Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Curve Digital revealed their hit game Velocity 2x will receive a Nintendo Switch launch on September 20th.


Velocity 2X was a critically acclaimed shoot-em-up and platformer hybrid that won multiple awards when it originally launched on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2014. It was later launched on Xbox One and PC the following year, ultimately reaching a 90 average on MetaCritic. The game’s release on the Nintendo’s eShop will mark the first time a Velocity title has been released on a Nintendo platform.

Velocity 2X is a direct sequel to the original Velocity and follows the story of Lt. Kai Tana, “a brave pilot who has found herself stranded a long way from home after getting sucked through a black hole.” Tana became a victim of experimentation when the Vokh, an evil alien race, discovered her on the other side, and now must outrun her captors with her “Quarp Jet.”

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