Developer and publisher, SUNSOFT recently revealed in a press release that players will soon be able to experience the first ever PlayStation VR MOBA game, DARK ECLIPSE, when it launches globally later this month on September 25th.


DARK ECLIPSE was created as a passion project from publisher and developer SUNSOFT, as they celebrate their 40-year anniversary by using the title to re-emerge into the North American and European markets. According to Producer and Project Leader, Shohei Sakakibara, “With 40-years in business, we’ve seen many gaming trends come and go, but few have been as exhilerating as VR’s expansion and mainstream acceptance. Everyone at SUNSOFT is enamored with this type of quick, strategic, multiplyaer gameplay, so we brought our passion for the genre and combined the best characteristics of VR, MOBAs, and RTS games into DARK ECLIPSE, a game that’s both familiar and eye-catchingly innovative.”

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Players will enter a match by choosing a team of three “Leaders” to take on the opposing team. 15 characters will fill out the roster, each with unique skills and abilities, and their own supporting “Soldiers” that follow the player’s orders. The game takes advantage of drag-and-drop controls, allowing players to place units directly on the map. Players will also have the ability to choose from five types of Towers, each causing unique effects on the gameplay.

When it comes to interconnected systems in a competitive manner, VR is definitely not one I would expect for the MOBA genre. But what do you think of the announcement? Will you be picking this up when the game drops later this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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