As mobile games developer Outplay Entertainment continues to focus on growth, a recent press release revealed ‘AAA’ games veteran, Phil Wilson, will serve as the new VP of Operations.

Phil Wilson is most prominently known as one of the original creators of the Crackdown franchise. He has worked with major players in the industry, including David Jones, the creator of Grand Theft Auto, and more recently as Executive Producer at Real Time Worlds.

Hiring Phil Wilson at Outplay Entertainment is aimed at “accelerating this success through rapid evolutino and iteration of the company’s ‘Games as a Service’ LiveOps techonology and production platform,” serving multiple functions to ensure frictionless collaboration. When asked about his new role, Phil exclaimed his excitement to be a part of the studio’s next stage of growth, stating that, “Although offering a refreshing change from large AAA console game development, many of the opportunities in Live Operations of mobile games rely on similar operational foundations.With the support of the rich seam of talent, I’m confident that we’ll continue to build on the company’s success and reputation for excellence.”

Outplay Entertainment was founded in 2010 and is currently the largest independent mobile developer in the UK. Notable titles include award-winning Castle Creeps TD, Crafty Candy, Booty Quest, and Bubble Genius.

I find the addition of a AAA veteran jumping into the mobile games industry to be an interesting move. While I can’t knock the company for hiring someone for experience, it is interesting to see the continued rise in prominence for mobile games. One can only hope this improves the quality we generally see in mobile titles. But what do you think of the change? Will you be looking forward to new mobile games from Outplay? Let us know in the comments below!

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