JumpStream, a platformer built by an internet audience using MixPlay, is now available to download for free on Steam.


The game challenges players to work with their audience to construct a path to complete challenges in the shortest time. All platforming tile placements are controlled entirely by the audience, allowing for new, emergent gameplay strategies on the fly.

Streamers are able to float, double jump, and roar to complete dozens of challenges using unique playable characters. Players will also be able to compete head to head against other streamers as well. Additional features include:

Emergent Levels built by the audience! The route the player takes to collect the keys and complete the levels in each challenge changes every time. The audience has a toolbox with about a dozen unique mechanics, tiles and enemies they can place.

“Streamer vs. Streamer” mode, which allows two Streamers to go head to head, both using their audience to hinder the opposing Streamer.

Score the Top time! Each Challenge has a global leaderboard which tracks the fastest completion times.  Each month a brand-new Tournament opens, complete with prizes and bragging rights for a Streamer and their audience.

Viewer Leveling System, which allows each viewer to progress and place more content during each Challenge. They can specialize and gain additional levels with a chosen Mixer Partner.

What do you think of the latest release? I’m certainly interested in seeing a platformer that relies on close collaboration between the streamer and their audience. It’s a great way to increase audience involvement, and it’ll be interesting if this style of gameplay will become more prominent over time. But what do you think of JumpStream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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