The company providing performance capturing for a number of current AAA tiles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Audiomotion Studios, recently announced a partnership with Rokoko’s “Motion Library,” hosted on Unity Technologies’ own Asset Store.

Rokoko’s Motion Library is available for developers through a free plug-in on Unity’s Asset Store. As Rokoko’s Featured Publisher, only a select amount of Audiomotion’s data will be available for developers to prototype, but new sets of data will become available to the community over the coming months.


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According to Audiomotion Studio’s press release:

Audiomotion has recently collaborated on blockbuster movies such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well as Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. This partnership aims to enhance and expand on Audiomotion’s existing on-site and on-location services, “we hope this partnership will enable us to engage with a wide cross section of the creative industries” said MD of Audiomotion Studios, Brian Mitchell. In the coming months, Rokoko will launch The Motion Library to developers on all other platforms at

“Our partnership shows Audiomotion’s commitment to engage with start-up developers and established industry players”, said Philip Morris, Sales Director at Audiomotion Studios. “A greater degree of accessibility has been something that we’ve had requested from developers, animators and enthusiasts alike. We’re always looking at ways we can engage with our end-users in a better way and Rokoko’s Motion Library provides the perfect platform to do this”.


Though I’m sure it will take some time before we see this data gets picked up into projects the public sees, it’s great to see Audiomotion Studios willing to make the data they’ve collected available via Unity. This should allow for increased quality productions in games and cinema so it will be interesting to see how this develops. So what do you think of the latest partnership? Are you excited to see what this means for the industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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