In the never-ending expansion of ‘Royale’ games hitting the industry, Battlerite Royale attempts to steal some market share by showcasing a new trailer for their upcoming Steam Early Access released today.

In Battlerite Royale, players hop off a wyvern onto the Talon Island, exploring the lush and colorful environment as they attempt to find a variety of items to keep them alive. As with other ‘Royale’ games, players will be forced into “fast-paced cutthroat matches,” requiring players to utilize the loot they’ve discovered throughout the island to overcome opponents.  


The trailer below showcases one of these discoverable items, the Werebear item. The Werebear item transforms players into a “massive and powerful beast giving a clear-cut edge on the battlefield to anyone who finds it,” and is sure to keep players at the edge of their seat.


What do you think about Battlerite hopping on the Royale trend? Will you be giving this a try when it hits Early Access? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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