The award winning story driven viking RPG series, Banner Saga is now available in a unified physical collection on the Nintendo Switch.

The Banner Saga Trilogy Edition provides Switch owners the chance to experience the interwoven story across all three entries. All games in the series force force players to make choice that will craft their own narrative experience. These experiences transcend across all entries, as players are able to transfer their save files across each subsequent title, leading to the climatic endings in the final chapter of Banner Saga 3.


Gearbox is handling the publishing for Nintendo Switch, bringing the emotionally charged story to new and old audiences in a single collection available for $39.99.

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TGC’s Thoughts: I’ve heard countless praise for the Banner Saga series, but it wasn’t until recently when I realized the choices players make impact subsequent games. I love these details, and a collection of all three games makes me tempted to give it a shot. Have you given Banner Saga a try before? Would you recommend the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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