It turns out the opening theme song for Kingdom Hearts III is taking a different direction from previous entries in the series.

In a series tradition, the numbered entries of the series have always showcased a brand new remixed version of HIkaru Utada’s song, with the side titles reusing these songs and various remixes of these staples. Considering this is will be the first brand new original Hikaru Utada theme song since Kingdom Hearts II back in 2005, fans are eager to listen to the new track. We’ve heard a new Utada track in the recent trailers titled Don’t Think Twice. Skrillex was originally the artist to collaborate on a remix for the song, but in a recent press release, we discovered the theme song will be completely different.

During their collaboration in remixing  the previously revealed track Don’t Think Twice, the pair’s friendship actually led the two to ultimately develop a brand new and original collaboration, titled Face My Fears. The new collaboration will serve as the opening theme song of Kingdom Hearts 3, and will be available alongside Don’t Think Twice on January 18.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it releases on January 29th, 2019.


TGC’s Thoughts: Though I’m skeptical about Skrillex helming a Hikaru Utada remix for Kingdom Hearts, it sounds like the two have become friends during the process. If Hikaru Utada is open to collaborating with Skrillex, it certainly helps ease my doubts. That said, I’ll still have to wait until it releases before I can say for certain. What are your thoughts of the collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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