SCUF has recently released their latest SCUF Vantage controller with the intention to create “the purest connection between gamer and game.” To celebrate the release of the latest line of pro controllers, SCUF shared a plethora of images on the official PlayStation blog.

SCUF is aiming to maximize performance for PlayStation 4 owners by maximizing the controller’s space, while providing enhanced comfort, additional buttons, and quality of life features. The controller comes packed with over 10 modular features to assist in improving precision and accuracy, such as the trigger buttons, which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the distance between press and activation. In addition, Sax Buttons and Paddles have been added to the controller, allowing more options for a more natural gaming experience.


Check out the gallery below for images. Both wireless and wired versions of the controller are available now, but those looking for a unique style can customize their own controller over on the official SCUF website.


TGC’s Thoughts: I’ve followed SCUF for awhile, and I’ve always been interested in picking one of these controllers up. Though I’m not ready to throw down so much money for one, I am in love with controllers with paddles on them, and the included features certainly seem worthwhile. What do you think about the latest pro controller? Are you picking one of these up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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